Double Round Ltd. is a Finnish startup that helps companies and public organizations to find sustainable possibilities in the circular economy.

In practice this will happen by consulting management and business owners: What is company’s current status, value creation, new direction and business possibilities. 

Circular economy as a new business opportunity

We help companies to find out their new business opportunities and to transform their targets and business models for the better ones. 

Double Round will start its customer journey with a positive and optimistic attitude. We know it requires hard work, but by sharing experiences and best practices it’s possible to show good examples and encourage others to take a leap.

How do we get there?

We have a four step plan to make it happen:

  1. How to impact our customers and partners?
  2. What is our situation and potential?
  3. What is our new business plan and to make transformation?
  4. How we can proof your value proposition and origin of your products?

Do you want to hear more? Contact us:

Dani Warnicki
Business Consultant
Tel +358 45 7836 1851

Pihla Rautio
Community & Customer Coordinator

Ville Availa
Founder & Senior Advisor and Keynote Speaker
Tel +358 40 514 5939